FSA Requirements Matrix

FSA Requirements Matrix How Actiance Addresses FSA and Other European Financial Services Regulations Pertinent to Social Media and Real-Time Communications

The proliferation of social media tools within the corporate setting ha heightened interest in compliance issues, especially with respect to FSA regulations. Several other rules and notices are referenced that keep compliance officers up at night.

The rapid rise of Social Networking sites has assumed a more prominent position for many individuals, both personally and professionally. Most of us are familiar with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but there are literally thousands of other similar sites that aim to make us more “social,” all the while expanding our pool of connections, opportunities, and information.

This white paper will:

  • Review the key FSA regulations pertinent to social media;
  • List the salient Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter features impacted by the FSA regulations;
  • Discuss industry-specific legislation and regulatory bodies;
  • Discuss Actiance’s feature access and content controls for each of the FSA regulations;

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